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B2C Customer

Business-to-consumer is a retail model where products move directly from a business to the end user who has purchased the goods or service for personal use.B2C is a type of business transaction where a company sells products or services directly to consumers who are end-users of its products or services. 

Steps to use B2C

    1.  Get started by making a right click on B2C Customer to add a new customer in contact section. (Ref: Img 1)

                    Img 1:


    2.   B2C Customer page will be opened with the basic details, accounting details, contact person with including billing and shipping address, which must be filled about customer. (Ref: Img 2)

                    Img 2:

    3.  In Basic Details section fill the “Company Name” in the given required text box, it represents the customers company name. Next fill the Mobile Number of the person to contact and the customer id will be typed by default at the same time the mobile number is typed.

        Note: The boxes with ‘*’ symbol are mandatory (it must be filled compulsory)

    4.  Fill in the customer’s E-Mail id, please fill the id with the correct extension (eg: @gmail.com, @yahoo.com etc...). E-Mail is the source where the required person or company can be contacted (Ref:Img 3). 


   5.  As a next step fill the Contact Type of the customer whether he is a customer or supplier or both customer and supplier or contractor or transporter (Ref:Img 3).

    6.  After completing the Basic Details move on to the Accounting Details.

   7.  Enter the PAN number of the customer which consists of a total of ten digits with alphanumeric combination.

        Note: Please be sure while entering the details of mobile number, e-mail id and PAN number of the         customer.

    8.  Fill the TDS tax percentage (Tax Deducted at Source) which the government collects tax from our very source of income    

    9. Integrated Goods and Services Tax is paid when there is an inter-state transfer of goods and services. In some cases, there won’t be a chance of paying IGST so select yes if there is IGST or else select no (Ref:Img 4)


    10.   Enter the amount you want to pay for your supplier for the received product in the “Payable Opening Balance” section

    11.   Enter the amount you received balance from the customer in the “Receivable Opening Balance” and enter the amount up to which the customer is being limited with his credit, in the “Credit Limit” section.

    12.   The Discount percentage for the customer can be entered in the “Discount%” text box, and enter the Price list name of the customer in the Price list text box .

                 Note:  To create the Price list click here ->  Create pricelist


    13.   Billing Address refers to the location of the customer or company to whom the product will be billed with. Here please enter the street address of the location and city and state name where it’s situated. Enter the zip code without any mistakes and enter the country name (Ref:Img 5). 

    14.   Shipping Address is the place or the location of the customer/ company where the purchased product has been shipped. Here please enter the street address of the shipping place and city, state name where it’s situated. Enter the zip code without any mistakes and enter the country name (Ref:Img 5)

        Note: If the shipping address is same as the billing address the make a tic in the text box named as         “Use the billing address” above the shipping address section (Ref: Img 6)


    15.   In the place of attaching any files or any sample pictures “My Attachment” text box below the shipping address section is used. To attach the files, make a click on the symbol near the My Attachment box. It will lead you to the file manager where you can select your required file to be attached with. The attached files can be referred to by clicking “My Attachment” section.

    16.   After filling in the details click Save.

    17.   Make a left click on B2C to see the added B2C customer list .

    18.   Enter the customer’s name in the Customer’s Name text box and select the list and give Update.    Or else click Search option to view the entire list and then select the needed list and give Update (Ref:Img 7).


    19.   The New option is used to create a new B2C Customer (Ref:Img 8).


20.   For easy search of the B2C customer we can use the filter option to filter and display the certain categories alone. Eg: Click filter -> Enter the City and State code to be filtered and Click filter. The entered categories will be filtered and displayed (Ref:Img 9).Select the needed list and give Update.                     


    21.   In the displayed list of B2C Customers select the list of items to be deleted and give Delete option to delete the selected items (Ref:Img 10).

    22.   To unselect the selected items, use Clear option, all the selected items will be unselected.


    23.   Hence, we have created a B2C Customer successfully.